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Why I am concerned about Real Time Information (RTI)

There are two reasons, one is that there is an onus on employers to provide what HMRC term “Clean Data”.  In my experience employers have operated PAYE exceptionally well and have a track record somewhat better than HMRC in terms … Continue reading

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Car Insurance, Tax, MOT – More taxing than income!

So it’s that time of year again, my road tax expired at the end of last month. I have a stupid 2.5 litre car with a 6 cylinder engine. Owning such a gas guzzling monster my government think that the … Continue reading

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Government say something sensible = Get slammed

Far be it from me to be supportive of government, but for once in its existence it said something sensible, truly, utterly, earth-shatteringly sensible and then got slammed on the Channel 4 news last night by Jon Snow. You see, … Continue reading

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