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Is there any value in online surveys?

Knowing your customers is, as they say, the key to providing great customer service and increasing the business you do over time, so recently I have conducted a number of online surveys, the last one being sent out to over … Continue reading

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The dichotomy of service pricing

I saw an infographic the other day, a Venn diagram called good-cheap-fast.  It really hit a nerve.  We are always discussing whether to offer a cheap service or a quality service.  The customers of the cheap service always complain about … Continue reading

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Payroll World Spring Update Conference 2012 and an update on RTI.

It was a hellish journey into London standing room only all the way from Watford to Euston, then crammed into a tin can on the Victoria Line after allowing 2 tubes to leave as they were just too full for … Continue reading

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Awaiting the budget tomorrow…..

As the Operations Manager for a contract management company, also known as an Umbrella Company, I must admit to feeling a little nervous about the budget.  Recent talk of closing down loopholes in tax avoidance schemes has got the government … Continue reading

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