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Idiots guide to Pensions Auto Enrolment

A new employment tax came into force on Monday, but only if you are unfortunate enough to work for a very large employer, by very large employer I mean a company with over 120,000 employees, that’s large.  Employees will be … Continue reading

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Car Insurance, Tax, MOT – More taxing than income!

So it’s that time of year again, my road tax expired at the end of last month. I have a stupid 2.5 litre car with a 6 cylinder engine. Owning such a gas guzzling monster my government think that the … Continue reading

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New home = 10 prioities

Moved into the new house last weekend, took 3 days and 4 truck-loads from locations from as far afield as Manchester to Weymouth, but here we are in our new home. Given that we intend to be here for quite … Continue reading

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The Euro crisis and the shifting of power

Currently, as Europe struggles to pay their debts, focus has been removed from the UK’s massive deficit and inflationary pressures.  Price Inflation in the UK is being driven by the high cost of energy production which in turn is passed … Continue reading

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Financial Responsibility is a double edge sword

So today we saw the pound jump to a 19 Month high with £1 buying €1.22. This is apparently because the world knows we are going to not only service, but pay down our debt, making the British economy more … Continue reading

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