Book’s I’ve Read / I’m Reading

I’m reading this for the second time, first read it about 7 years ago.  For the UK reader it may open your eyes to how insignificant we (the United Kingdom) are in the greater scheme of geopolitics.  It is a thorough explanation of the goals and tactics of the USA in maintaining it’s hegemony over the globe, being as it is the worlds first and only truely global superpower.  It’s a surprisingly easy read.

This is a fast paced, thrill a minute page turner with a mixture of doomsday apocolyptic collapse of society and conspiracy as to the men in the shadows controlling (or trying to control) the events unfolding from Iraq to London. Great Read – Worth it.

These short stories, all Science fiction are weird, really imaginitive but bear in mind they were written at a time before we knew there was not intelligent life on Mars, some amazingly original thinking is in this book from space exploration to time travel.

Possibly one of the gloomiest books I’ve ever read, essentially about a fathers love for his son, but as you may guess it is set in a post apocolypse world, North America.

A wonderfully happy tale based on the real life of John and Sally Seymour as they embarked on a life of self-sufficiency, a life that was to a large extent very successful and fulfilling. It’s a breath of fresh air.

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