Syncing your iPhone to Outlook

I decided that it would be a good idea to sync my iPhone with my work email contacts, we use outlook and I expected to simply upload my contacts directory in outlook with my contacts directory in my phone.  Not an illogical expectation I think.

But no, when you sync your iPhone to outlook you import a contact record for everyone who’s ever sent you an email.  I’ve worked here for over 10 years, I’ve received a lot of emails, from people spamming me trying to sell the next big thing in recruitment to people sending me cv’s for job vacancies, and we’ve had a lot over the years.

My phone contacts are chock full of useless details now.  I can download an app for 0.69p enabling me to delete lots of contacts at a time, a function you would expect a company like Apple to provide free, especially as this most unexpected of gifts is so easy to come by.

I make a suggestion to you Mr Apple, when the option to sync with outlook is offered, please put a message that has to be approved by the user, the message should read:

“You are about to import the contact details of EVERYONE who has EVER sent you an Email, even if it was 10 years ago, DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE”.

Then one can click “No” and think TFFT!


About Jason

I am the Managing Director at Bar 2, father of 1 and brother of 2. Enjoy blogging, twittering and generally communicating on the internet, family time and working.
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