Pleb calls Pleb a Pleb

As we all know, Andrew Mitchell lost his rag at a policeman Pleb the other day when the officer wouldn’t allow him to cycle through a gate that was designated for cars, insisting that he use the proper gate that was designated for cycles.  After a long hard day talking about things Mr Mitchell lost it a bit and, according to The Sun said:

Best you learn your fucking place. You don’t run this fucking government.  You’re fucking plebs.”

Now, I can understand losing it a bit when an officer of the law acts like a complete and utter Jobsworth, when you’re tired and possibly a bit stressed after a long day talking about stuff, but the simple fact is this.  Andrew Mitchell has been appointed by us, the people, in a democracy and is therefore a servant of the public and it is quite acceptable to imagine one classifying public servants as a despised social class, and therefore Plebs.

Actually, officially Plebs were often skilled people of ancient Rome and could become quite wealthy and influential.  So not that much of a name-call to get worked up about, depending on your point of view.

Regardless Mr Mitchell and Mr Policeman, you are both fucking plebs.


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I am the Managing Director at Bar 2, father of 1 and brother of 2. Enjoy blogging, twittering and generally communicating on the internet, family time and working.
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