Car Boot Sale

In the UK we have these events we call Car Boot Sales, the verb is colloquially known as “doing a car boot”.  It’s where people go with their cars full of their old junk and try to sell it to people who want to buy said old junk.  We hear stories at work or in the pub of people who do a car boot and make a couple of hundred quid, that’s £200!

Well I’ve done 2 car boots in recent weeks, turning up at 7.30am and paying for my pitch £9, setting up my wallpapering table and unloading my various bits of tat for people to browse.  It’s amazing what sells, people will buy old teddy bears and purses, I even got a couple of quid for an old compass with a cracked face.  However the lucrative £200 for a mornings work escapes me still.  Last one I did was Chorleywood’s Big Car Boot sale, I took a total of 18.20 making my total profit £9.20.  For 6 hours work that’s £1.53 per hour!

Still, I’m doing another one on Sunday, still chasing the footfall and money generation of a perfect day car booting.  It is fun though, bartering, drinking coffee and having a natter with the other stall holders.

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