I love Peas

I seem to be on a gardening theme a lot recently, but then it is Spring and a time for action on the horticultural front.

So I was at a loose end tonight and decided to delve into my seed bag. It’s a massive satchel full of old seed, some so old they won’t be viable any more but I keep them anyway, just my thing.  But there they were, my old Wando peas that I kept myself from previous crops.  I bought the original seeds from an American company in 2004 I think.  Not sure of the legality of importing these things but didn’t know at the time, and no one arrested me,  but the original seeds are long gone, these are pretty much mixed up hybrids.

I grew them on my first ever allotment in Luton for 2 years running but then circumstances changed and I moved from Luton to Nantwich 140 miles away.  Things went bad that year and I got work down south and was living in hotels for a year, Alan Partridge style.  In 2007 I got myself a flat and a year later I had a new allotment in Rickmansworth.  I tried out my beloved Wando peas and they germinated no problem, despite having been stored in the bottom of a wardrobe (seeds should be stored cool and dry), maybe it was cool enough and dry enough.  Anyway, they grew and I had loads of peas and managed to leave some on the plant to dry and store for next year.

Then I got with my girl, spent time travelling around here and there and had to give up my plot as it wasn’t fair to the people on the waiting list.  Now we’ve moved in to our family home my name is down on the allotment waiting list again.  It’s a good 2 year wait, but I can’t resist growing my peas.  So tonight I have a few dozen soaking.  I’m sure they’ll sprout and I’ll plant them in the garden.  Other half will be annoyed because she likes ornamentals only but hey, she might not notice the wall of peas growing up the western fence????

Hey ho, I might even sow some onward too.


About Jason

I am the Managing Director at Bar 2, father of 1 and brother of 2. Enjoy blogging, twittering and generally communicating on the internet, family time and working.
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