Garden Adventures – Planting Rhubarb

Mother bought me a Rhubarb crown as a house warming present, which was nice.  I’ve never been that into Rhubarb but it’s easy to grow as I remember it year after year growing in my parent’s garden and many Sunday lunches were finished off with Rhubarb Crumble.  Maybe next year I’ll be cooking the crumble and passing the experience to my son, or perhaps a better use might be to grow Rhubarb wine for some lazy summer Sunday afternoons.  Either way I’m pretty excited about the prospect.

I picked a very sunny spot just in front of the potting shed.  It has full sun from morning until about 2pm where it gets dappled shade in the afternoon.  I’d bought some well-rotted cow manure from Rowan’s garden centre in Chalfont St Giles not having met any farmers down here in order to get the stuff for free or in bulk.  Still at £4 per bag it’s not a bad investment.  I mixed it into the soil from about a foot down up to 6 inches and then placed the crown in the remaining hollow topping up with the soil left over, then watered it in which wasn’t so necessary as it rained the entire length of the next day.

I keep standing there looking at it, I think it’s happy, certainly looks bright.  It could almost pass off as ornamental, not just mental as my significant other may have thought.  She likes flowers, not edibles so the battle is on to convince her of the aesthetic side of the cottage garden.

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