Car Insurance, Tax, MOT – More taxing than income!

So it’s that time of year again, my road tax expired at the end of last month. I have a stupid 2.5 litre car with a 6 cylinder engine. Owning such a gas guzzling monster my government think that the extra VAT and duty I pay on petrol consumption isn’t enough of a punishment, they also make me pay more in road tax. Having relatively recently bought a house and having to pay 1% tax on that I am, well, skint so had to plump for the overall more costly £143.00 for 6 months.

On top of this my insurance was due for renewal on the 9th so I had a shop around. Swift Cover wanted to charge me £110 per month to renew, up from £75 per month last year. I found a new insurer who would only charge £47.17 per month, so KwikFit got my custom with that. Astonishing though I find it that all insurers charge very low for the initial year and then ramp up the cost the following year. That aside though I have to point out that with Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at 5% I am paying £28.87 more tax here.

Then there’s the MOT, £40 plus whatever is found to need doing to the car in order for it to be certified “Safe” for the road. Now I’m an old fashioned guy that does a lot of maintenance for myself, changing the oil and filter, air filter if needed and even sometimes flush the fuel system. The tyres are always the right pressure and the car is clean. I know for a fact that the car is roadworthy and I would know if anything happened to make it not so, however there’s bound to be something found to need doing which will cost in the region of £200, so in VAT that will be another £48.00 to pay.

When you take into account the tank of fuel and the income tax and national insurance I will pay at month end, that’s a lot of tax going to HMRC from me, I must be a very popular “customer” as they like to call us. And what do I get for all this revenue I give to HM Government? They want to spy on what I do online just in case I might become a criminal at some point. They want to build a high speed rail link that will be about as popular as George Galloway at a Zionist convention instead of investing the required money in our existing infrastructure which, after recent experience travelling in London, is about as comfortable as a trip on the Bangalore Express only about half as efficient.

Seriously, where does all this money go?

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