Fishing with the client…

I had to raise myself at 4am on Saturday in order to get to Poole, Dorset for a fishing trip with a client, a trip that had been planned for quite some time.  There was patchy fog down the M3 but by the time I’d passed Winchester the fog had cleared and the sun was burning off the morning dew.  Arrived nice and early at about 7 and had a stroll around the dock watching all the fishermen and women loading up their boats with all the tackle for a fruitful day on the sea.

My client was a little late having had to stop off at Billingsgate to buy some bait, a dozen fresh Mackerel.  It took over an hour on the boat to reach our fishing site just off Portland, near Weymouth.  Having had a slight touch of food poisoning from a left over cream cake at work the day before, I was feeling more than a little off colour but managed to hold it together, thankfully.

So in with our baited hooks fishing for Turbot and Brill and quite quickly the skipper caught a massive fish that apparently was a Turbot, quite an Ugly thing.  We fished, very unsuccessfully for Plaice as well so I now know exactly how it feels to not catch Turbot, Brill and Plaice.  It’s an experience I wouldn’t deny anyone.

Beautiful day though out on the open water with the sun beating down and a cool breeze with the Seagull’s as our best friends.

I took this pic, very pleased…

View from the Boat


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