Neets unproductive, discouraged and disenfranchised

Currently there are almost a million young people not in employment, education or training, those people the government affectionately refers to as “Neet’s”.

That’s a million people not contributing to their future retirement and prevented from earning now in order to spend for tomorrow.

Bar 2 want to encourage people to put themselves out there, get employment however short term it may seem.  For continuity you can register with an Umbrella Company and consolidate your short term assignments into one continuous employment service.  The beauty of Umbrella Company Employment is that your permanent place of work is your home, allowing you to claim travel related expenses from your home to your temporary workplace.

These expenses could not be claimed if you were permanently employed by either the workplace or the agency that placed you there.  This will go some way to take the sting out of what is usually a low hourly rate offered for those with little to no experience.

So think about that, you can earn more money by making your current income go further enabling you to strive harder to get better pay, more experience and stay ahead of the game.

So here’s your 7 point plan of action:

1                     Write a superb cover letter explaining the contribution you wish to make.  Promise to be punctual, reliable, loyal and thoughtful towards the company or organisation that employs you.  State in the letter that although the unemployment statistics are rising you don’t intend to do nothing.

2                     Get onto Google and find as many businesses in your local area as you can and send this letter to them.  If you have had previous employment make sure you enclose a cv.

3                     If you are going to register with employment agencies to help you find work, register with Bar 2 so you are set up ready to be paid and claim the expenses due to you.

4                     Get smart, get your hair cut and dress well.  You have to look like you can look after yourself before an employer will trust you in their business.

5                     If you can, buy a business suit, even a second hand one will be better than jeans and trainers, you want the person considering you to know you’ve made an effort.

6                     Repeat points one to five tweaking your introductory letter slightly, use terms like “I endeavour to…” instead of “I try to…”.  Other key words to use are: Industrious, Diligent, Accountable,  Attentive, Accurate, Enthusiastic and Motivated.

7                     When you finally get asked to interview (or maybe simply pop in) to one of the companies or agencies you have contacted, don’t be afraid to say to them you really want to work.  Employers love to hear that you want to work hard and make an impression.

Good luck guys, it’s a tough old world out there and only the strongest are going to get ahead.


About Jason

I am the Managing Director at Bar 2, father of 1 and brother of 2. Enjoy blogging, twittering and generally communicating on the internet, family time and working.
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