New home = 10 prioities

Moved into the new house last weekend, took 3 days and 4 truck-loads from locations from as far afield as Manchester to Weymouth, but here we are in our new home.

Given that we intend to be here for quite a few years it makes sense to future proof the building as best I can, with energy and food costs soaring here is my list of priorities.

1. Name down for a local allotment

I’ve had 2 allotments in the past, its good food, good exercise and good community.

2. Loft insulation

Save money now to afford upgrades later

3. Exclude drafts around back door

4. Small power generator

The house has gas central heating reliant on an electric water pump so if there’s a gas shortage I can use an electric heater, if there’s a prolonged electric power cut I’m stuck without a means of generating electric, a small generator at £110.00 is the cheapest “quick-fix”.

5. Fix bicycle punctures and start cycling to work

Got to stay fit and save on transport costs.

6. Start a home brew

No way am I giving up beer so might as well save on the price, invite friends round and hopefully do some swapsies of beer for wine, keep the missus happy.

7. Wood burner (£2000.00 including flue install, there’s no chimney!)

With energy costs soaring, it makes sense to have a mix of fuel heating sources, and wood burners are nice, romantic and you can cook on them.

8. Collect logs whilst saving up for a wood burner

9. Pay down another 5% of mortgage capital in the first year.

With house prices set to decline further for some time, paying down capital may help to stave off the dreaded negative equity.  Either that or hope for wage inflation….yeah right!

10. Install some solar power generation

Not sure whether to choose solar water heating or solar electric, probably go with solar water heating as I have a hunch this will be most cost effective.


About Jason

I am the Managing Director at Bar 2, father of 1 and brother of 2. Enjoy blogging, twittering and generally communicating on the internet, family time and working.
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