Search Engine Optimisation

Many people pay a lot of money for their site to appear on the first page of google for particular search terms.  This is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.  A paid for service can include the use of web bots, special programs that will generate log in details and submit text comments on sites automatically and leave a link (or many links) back to
the site that wants to improve its ranking, this is the spam you often see appearing in internet forums and on certain blogs.

More professional service providers will generate these backlinks manually, thinking about the sorts of sites that will be relevant to the client site.  For example a site
offering jobs to plumbers might want backlinks on home improvement or DIY forum
sites and blogs rather than sites interested in crochet or knitting.

Another key to good search engine ranking is good clever content.  Let’s say you want people to find your site by typing into a search bar “florists in Cheshire”, you would want meta data behind your site to hold the term “florists in Cheshire” but also you might
want your homepage to include the sentence “Jenny Blogg’s is one of the premier
florists in Cheshire”.  The exact term is also in the structure of the wording whilst the wording still makes sense to the reader.  Google uses clever technology that notices
meaningless text.

I’ve been working on improving the SEO for the Bar 2 website, currently (as at 30th August 2011) we are on page 5 for the search term “Umbrella Company”.  A year ago we were around page 20.  As you can see it takes a long time to improve ranking yourself when you
have other things to do.  There’s nothing wrong with paying someone to provide the service for you, this can be a quicker way of improving your SEO but you must ask yourself this: “Will my improved SEO generate enough revenue to pay for the cost of said improvement”.  In the case of Bar 2 it most probably wouldn’t so we choose to do it ourselves.


About Jason

I am the Managing Director at Bar 2, father of 1 and brother of 2. Enjoy blogging, twittering and generally communicating on the internet, family time and working.
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