Sunday Christening

So we went to a Christening on Sunday, a Roman Catholic Christening. I was expecting it to be a very long drawn out affair but it was surprisingly informal, for a church event. The actual ceremony took about 20 minutes and nobody told me I was going to Hell, so that was good.

One of the children was about five years old and cried a bit after the head wetting, I think she felt a bit awestruck at the thought that now she would definitely meet god one day.

There’s something quite bizarre in this day and age when four grown adults are asked to swear that they believe in a living god and that he created the earth in seven days. The four adult parents of the two children we were seeing accepted into this particular faith all agreed that this is what they believed. I didn’t point anything out later, about geographic processes, not that I know an incredible amount about that, or indeed how old the Universe seems to be when looking at the expansion rate.

Anyway, it was a very pleasant affair, the vicar was nice and we had a lovely barbeque in the village hall gardens in the afternoon. It was very sunny and warm and I met a lot of Hannah’s family friends, and I had a few beers too.


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