Trip to the Lake District

We had a week in the lake district last month and stayed at the Tranquil Otter. We were housed in a lovely log cabin on the edge of a private lake, we had our own hot tub and a rowing boat. You get a good quality TV, DVD and surround sound so you can watch a few chick flicks in the evening. At night we sat in the hot tub looking at the moon and during the day we did all sorts of cultural activities.
We visited the Roman Vindalanda, a very interesting ruin of an ancient Roman settlement near Hadrian’s wall. This is where the Romans stopped after their conquest because the Scots were simply too brutal and primitive for them to cope with, they obviously thought, if those ginger guys wear skirts and no pants in this weather then they’re far too mentally deranged for us! So they built a wall. In fact, while driving to the Vindalanda I remarked to Hannah that there are a lot of signs pointing in lots of directions all saying “This way to Hadrian’s Wall”. She said “yes darling, it’s a very long wall.”

So we explored the ruins and looked at the recreations of the old world. I always seem to romanticise life in Roman Britain, it must have been hellishly difficult but these places always make it look kind of homely, with chickens and freshly harvested vegetables. Even the model slaves have smiles on their faces.

We also visited Carlyle Castle, where the last bit of the civil war was kind of staged in 1644. The royal forces were holed up inside the castle and the parliamentarians kept it under siege for 8 months preventing food from entering and hurling great big rocks at the walls. Eventually the parliamentarians won.

Another day we went to a pub called the Royal Oak in the nearby village called Moorhouse. I warn you now, it doesn’t open until 5.30 and if its 3.30 when you get there the landlord won’t open for you. I know because I asked him. So we went back to the lodge and into the hot tub.

The last day we spent rowing about on the lake looking at nature and trying to see otters. We didn’t see any otters but loads of swans with signets and ducks with ducklings, lots of good oxygenating weeds and generally had a jolly good laugh about it all.

Here’s a video of our trip…


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